Rain for Rent in the UK

Rain for Rent International UK, Inc. provides bespoke liquid handling solutions for hire.

Our Philosophy

  • We've got your back
  • Other companies may say they do what we do, use similar equipment and attempt to solve the same problems, but they can't do what we do
  • They don't have our perspective, our history or our values
  • Our success is based on our people, the way we do business and the solutions we offer our customers

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Our History

  • Since our beginning in 1934, Rain for Rent has matured from a one-office, three-man oilfield supplies business to an international company with specialist employees providing world leading liquid handling solutions.
  • Through the years we have held steadfast by maintaining our values of hard work, honesty, integrity, commitment and good stewardship
  • Continual diversification, development and a willingness to embrace innovation has meant we've always led the way…

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  • Rain for Rent is the world leader in liquid handling solutions
  • Born in the US in 1934, we have a proven track record in liquid systems engineering and a reputation for tackling complex projects safely, securely and cost effectively that is second to none
  • And this 80 years of Liquid Ingenuity® engineering excellence is now available in Europe

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Our Philosophy

We've got your back.

It's a way of working that is built into everything we do.

It's about innovation.

It's about mitigating risk.

It's about maximising potential without damaging the environment.

We've a proven track record in steadfast commitment and engineering excellence.

Our equipment is engineered to be robust, strong and tough.

Our success is based on our people, the way we do business and the solutions we offer our customers.

We stand alongside our customers, and we'll never let them down.

We believe in hard work, enjoyment, friendship and working with people who feel the same way.