Rain for Rent in the UK

Rain for Rent International UK, Inc. provides bespoke liquid handling solutions for hire.


Rain for Rent is the world leader in liquid handling, temporary water storage and environmental remediation solutions.

Born in the US in 1934, we have a proven track record in liquid systems engineering and a reputation for tackling complex projects safely, securely and cost effectively that is second to none.

And this 80 years of Liquid Ingenuity® engineering excellence is now available in Europe.

Rain for Rent International provides newly designed mobile storage tanks, filtration units, spill containment units and accessories for the petrochemical, refining, construction, environmental and civil sectors; in fact any industry that needs world leading liquid handling solutions.

Our safety-focused containment systems are designed with Liquid Ingenuity® in mind, so that we can handle all of your project needs.

Our knowledge and experience helps you to safely transfer and temporarily store liquid with reduced vehicle traffic and less fuel usage.

Combining The Standard 70m³ Tank with our E-Contain® Spillguards, Spillguard Hose Bridges and SolidGround® Traction Mats, will provide a complete containment system protecting your workforce, project and the environment.