Case History

Groundwater Storage Solution Kept Remedial Works Project on Track

Rising groundwater caused structural integrity problems with the rebar and concrete slab during remedial works at a large packaging and warehousing facility in Avonmouth Bristol. The work, hindered by the excavations filling from the nearby Severn Estuary, could not continue until water was pumped out and temporarily stored prior to appropriate disposal.

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Diesel and Silt Removed From Groundwater With Filtration Application

During the installation of a 30’’ steel pipe on a water treatment works in Christchurch, Dorset, WECS encountered diesel and silt in the groundwater approximately 1.5m deep. Before exhausting the water into a wooded area on site, the heavy diesel contaminates needed to be removed.

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Contaminated water storage

ACS Construction, a building and civil engineering contractor, was assigned to provide a safe excavation around a high pressure gas pipeline at the National Grid Partington AGI (Above Ground Installation). The system originally in place to handle the 6,000 litres/hour of hydrocarbon-contaminated water proved inefficent. Two 30,000 litre road barrels were not draining in a timely manner, and brought the project to a stop.

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