Groundwater Storage Solution Kept Remedial Works Project on Track

Project Scope

Temporary storage of groundwater prior to appropriate disposal.


Volker Laser Civil Engineering

Industry Segment




Rising groundwater caused structural integrity problems with the rebar and concrete slab during remedial works at a large packaging and warehousing facility in Avonmouth Bristol. The work, hindered by the excavations filling from the nearby Severn Estuary, could not continue until water was pumped out and temporarily stored prior to appropriate disposal.


  • Standard 70m3 Tank
  • Spillguard
  • Hose bridges
  • PipeStax®


Work continued after Rain for Rent International provided a 70m3 storage tank, Spillguard and hose bridges. Selwood, the number 1 pump hirer in the UK, provided equipment to move the water into the tank.


The Rain for Rent International team were onsite to assist with the successful transportation and setup for this long-term rental.

Customer Feedback

Jason Hagen, Project Manager, commented "...the warehouse owners and I were impressed with how smoothly and safely the delivery and set up went. The tank and containment are very professional."

About Rain for Rent

Rain for Rent is a leading provider of safe and reliable temporary liquid handling solutions including tanks, filtration and spill containment.

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