Diesel and Silt Removed From Groundwater With Filtration Application

Project Scope

Removal of diesel film from ground water excavation


Wessex Engineering & Construction Services (WECS)

Industry Segment

Municipal & Civil Engineering



During the installation of a 30’’ steel pipe on a water treatment works in Christchurch, Dorset, WECS encountered diesel and silt in the groundwater approximately 1.5m deep. Before exhausting the water into a wooded area on site, the heavy diesel contaminates needed to be removed.


  • Standard 70m3 Tank
  • Spillguard
  • Hose bridges
  • BF1500L Filter Units


Rain for Rent International supplied 70m3 storage tanks and filtration units to contain and separate materials so the expelled water was clear of contaminates. To remove the contamination to an acceptable level, the team used 50 micron and oil absorbing bags. Selwood, the number 1 pump hirer in the UK, provided four 6” pumps and two silt boxes to move the water through the application.


The Rain for Rent International team used the filter test kits on site with water samples from the source to determine the correct application of filter units, and relied on expertise from the Rain for Rent USA filtration specialist. This saved time and money for the customer and helped ensure the system would work as expected.

Customer Feedback

The customer was very pleased with the output from the filter units as the water discharged did not show any silt or diesel residues.

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