The Coil 70m3 Tank

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The Coil 70m3 Tank

The mobile Coil tank available to hire from Rain for Rent provides superior storage and heating options for any temporary liquid handling project.

The tank, fitted with steam coils in a continuous serpentine layout, provides adequate heating capabilities for most fluid storage applications.

Each tank is designed with operator safety in mind, project flexibility, and easy maintenance.

Features & Benefits

  • Store and heat liquids with confidence
  • V-sloped main floor for trouble free cleaning
  • Refined pneumatically-actuated rear suspension system ensures safe operation when raising and lowering
  • Mechanical locking system for safe on road transport
  • Innovative rear valve actuator provides easy access and a safe operation when filling or draining
  • Built-in staircase ensures proper protection for workers on every project giving access to all upper manways, gauges, and connection points
  • Spill containment options available for any application, adding extra security during environmentally sensitive projects
  • Large capacity on small footprint
  • Transported and installed without the need for a crane
  • TUV certification for peace of mind


Critical Data

  • Capacity: 70,000 Litres (70m3)
  • Length: 11,667mm
  • Width: 2,530mm
  • Height: 3,970mm (Transport) 3,780mm (Service)
  • Materials:
    • Carbon steel walls (6mm)
    • Carbon steel reinforcements
  • Exterior coating: Weather resistant with durable chemical resistant coating around manway openings
  • Steam coils:
    • Pipe size: 60.3 x 5.6mm seamless steel pipe
  • Recommended customer steam input services:
    • Inlet steam pressure: 10-10.5 bar
    • Inlet steam mass flow: 190-220 kg/h
    • Inlet steam temperature: 180-195 °C
  • Based on 55,000 liters of clean water the following liquid temperatures parameter have been achieved:
    • Average steam coil temperature: 34.75 °C
    • Average liquid temperature increase per hour: 1.89° C/h
  • Due to meticulous testing completed on the steam coil tanks, Rain for Rent can provide solid application support for desired liquid temperature parameters on a wide range of liquid types. Please call for specific information.