The Standard 70m3 Tank

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The Standard 70m3 Tank

The Standard 70m3 Tank from Rain for Rent provides a superior storage option for any temporary liquid handling project.

The mobile storage tank can easily and safely be transported throughout Europe.

Each tank is designed with operator safety in mind, project flexibility, and easy maintenance and is available for hire.

Features & Benefits

  • V-sloped main floor for trouble-free cleaning
  • Refined pneumatically-actuated rear suspension system ensures safe operation when raising and lowering
  • Mechanical locking system for safe on road transport
  • Innovative rear valve actuator provides easy access and a safe operation when filling or draining
  • Built-in staircase ensures proper protection for workers on every project giving access to all upper manways, gauges, and connection points
  • Spill containment options available for any application, adding extra security during environmentally sensitive projects
  • Large capacity on small footprint
  • Transported and installed without the need for a crane
  • TÜV certification when on hire for peace of mind
  • Ladder: Galvanized fold-down ladder for safe access to landing
  • Access: 3 x 600mm hinged manways (1 x roof, 1 x rear wall, 1 x side)
  • Temperature: 70°C max. continuous (uncoated)
  • Relief Vent: 1 x Thief hatch, Buna-N®/NBR gasket, pressure setting 69m Bar, vacuum setting 1.3mmHg
  • Level Gauge: Roof-mounted dial gauge (optional)


  • Spillguard
  • Suction and discharge hoses
  • Level gauges
  • Pipe and Hose Connections: 6 x DN 100 PN16 flanges (2 x roof, 4 x front - separator style)
  • 2 x Drain Valves: DN 100 PN16 (rear), 1 x DN 150 PN16 (front)

Critical Data

  • Capacity: 70,000 Litres (70m3)
  • Length: 11,667mm
  • Width: 2,530mm
  • Height: 3,970mm (Transport) 3,780mm (Service)
  • Weight: approx. 12,250kg (empty)
  • Materials:
    • Carbon steel walls (6mm)
    • Carbon steel reinforcements
  • Exterior Coating: Weather resistant with durable chemical resistant coating around manway openings
  • Interior Coating: Chemical resistance phenolic epoxy
  • Please call for specific chemical compatibility information