The Tank Level Gauge

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The Tank Level Gauge

The Tank Level Gauge is a liquid level reading gauge designed to be used on above ground tanks with a 2" or larger process connection. The easy-to-read clock face allows for quick-glance tank level measurements, reducing the need for frequent trips to visually check liquid levels.

Features & Benefits

  • Precision liquid level measurement is accurate to 3mm
  • Hour hand (short-hand) indicates metres
  • Minute hand (long-hand) indicates centimetres
  • Positioning: Clock Gauge Face can swivel 360 degrees after mounting to face any direction

Critical Data

  • Process connection: 2” MNPT
  • Maximum height: 3.6 metres
  • Dimensions: (Gauge only)
    • Height: 2400mm
    • Width: 88.4mm
    • Face diameter: 154mm
    • Weight: 2kg
  • Materials of Gauge and Float Construction:
    • Float: stainless steel
    • Cable: stainless steel
    • Process Connection: aluminum
  • EVR Vapor Tight Specification (Gauge Only): 5 psi