Contaminated water storage

Project Scope

Contaminated water storage


ACS Construction Group Ltd

Industry Segment




ACS Construction, a building and civil engineering contractor, was assigned to provide a safe excavation around a high pressure gas pipeline at the National Grid Partington AGI (Above Ground Installation). The system originally in place to handle the 6,000 litres/hour of hydrocarbon-contaminated water proved inefficent. Two 30,000 litre road barrels were not draining in a timely manner, and brought the project to a stop.


  • 70m3  Storage Tanks


Rain for Rent was called to replace the old system and provided three 70m3 storage tanks. Rain for Rent and Mantank, an environmental services company, partnered to empty the tanks on a frequent basis, ensuring the continuation of the project.


  • Three tanks were mobilised within less than 12 hours.
  • A total capacity of 210,000 litres kept the primary project running.
  • The Rain for Rent International team served the customer’s needs within an extremely quick turnaround, from the initial call to mobilising and delivering the tanks to the project site.

Customer Feedback

ACS Construction was pleased with Rain for Rent International’s responsiveness and ability to offer a solution to their problem in a timely and efficient mannr. Mantank’s confidence in Rain for Rent International was assured and plans to use the company for future projects.

About Rain for Rent

Rain For Rent is a leading provider of safe and reliable temporary liquid handling solutions including tanks, filtration and spill containment.

The company is known for its systems engineering expertise and ability to tackle complex jobs cost effectively.

Family owned and operated since 1934, the company serves the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom from more than 70 locations.